Google Calendar: 10 widgets and secret features of the popular application

Google Calendar is a convenient, easy-to-use and therefore popular application for business management and event planning. It’s free, allows you to flexibly customize your schedule, and builds strong connections with Gmail, Google Keep, and other corporate applications. In this article, we will look at the features of Google Calendar, which may be unobvious, but make life much easier.

How to display the numbering of weeks

Understanding what the week is, helps to ground yourself and remember that there are only fifty-two of them a year. So – you do not have much time to realize your dreams. Also, week numbering may be required if you live or work on the Agile method, then it is convenient to observe the duration of the sprint by week numbers.

Go to settings and check “Show week numbers” in the “View mode” menu.

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How to subscribe to Facebook events

If you are an active user of the social network and periodically click “I will go” at events organized by other users, it may be useful to see them in your calendar to adjust your plans and not miss anything.

Of course, you can use the export function for each event, but it is faster and easier to import everything at once. To do this, go to Facebook events ( ) and click “Add to calendar” at the top right. The * .ics file will be uploaded

You can add it to Google Calendar in the settings: in the Import menu, download the file you received earlier. All the events you have already marked on your Facebook will be uploaded to Google Calendar.

You can also subscribe to Facebook events to have Google Calendar updated automatically. To do this, click on Facebook on the same button “Add to Calendar” with the right mouse button and select “Copy Link”. Go to Settings – Add Calendar – Add by URL and paste the copied address. After clicking the “Add Calendar” button, a separate calendar of Facebook events will appear in the side menu, which will be updated automatically.

How to add goals

In the mobile version it is possible to add a target. To do this, click on the plus sign at the bottom right, select the goal and follow the prompts of the calendar. Depending on your preferences, he will look for free windows to accomplish the goal and you will finally start running twice a week.

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How to change color mode

Google Calendar can be displayed in two formats: modern and classic. In modern brighter colors and white font color. In the classic colors are pastel, and the information is displayed in black. To switch between modes, click on the settings gear, select “Density and color”, and specify the desired options.

You can also choose colors for calendars in their settings – all events on this calendar will be the same color. You can also color individual events to highlight them among others.

How to add a link to a video conference

In the meeting creation template, you can insert a link to the video conference in the description. But if you use Google Meet, Calendar allows you to add it automatically. All participants of the meeting will receive a link and will not frantically search in which service the call is planned.

How to add a meeting place

For convenience, you can also add an address in meetings. This will allow you to build the shortest route, and it is easier for meeting participants to understand how to get to their destination, as the location is associated with Google Map and when you click on the address in the meeting, it opens automatically.

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How to find time for a meeting

If you need to gather a large company and find the best time for everyone, you can use the function of finding a free slot. Click on the “Create time” meeting creation menu and start adding guests. You will see their free and busy slots, the calendar will offer to arrange a meeting at a convenient time for everyone. Of course, other guests must also be Google Calendar users.

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How to create a note or task

Google Calendar is tightly integrated with other Google applications. On the sidebar, you can add a note to Google Keep or create a task in the “My Tasks” block. By the way, tasks or reminders can be created through the meeting menu. Just click “Create” on the left and select the desired tab.

How to enable multiple time zones

If you have friends in different countries or you work with people on different continents, it is useful to see what time they have to make appointments at a convenient time of day.

In the language and region settings, click the “Show additional time zone” checkbox and you’ll be able to add multiple zones.

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If, in addition, a little below click “Show world clock”, you will see under the mini-calendar, which is now the time in the selected time zone.

How to recover deleted events

Google Calendar doesn’t have a Cancel button, but you can undo the last action with the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z. If you want to restore deleted events, there is a Recycle Bin. Deleted events are stored for 30 days, after which they are deleted forever. You can find the cart in the Settings menu – “gears” in the upper right corner.

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Google Calendar is a great application that allows you to understand how much time you really have and flexibly plan your schedule based on your needs and capabilities of others. The suggested tips and tricks will make the use of Google Calendar fun and will only benefit.

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